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Yet 12 More Ideas to Improve Your Vocabulary

By Rachel Lower

Yet 12 MORE Ideas to Improve Your VocabularyImproving Vocabulary Idea #1
Take Online Courses

You can take ecourses, most of which are free!

Improving Vocabulary Idea #2
Word Lists

This is kind of vocabulary lesson I remember from my public school days. Basically the students would be given a list of words to define and memorize. Later we would be given a quiz with the words listed in rows above and sentences to put them in below. Sounds dull, but it works. The words can be pulled from other lessons, field trip topics, the current novel, or recent words of the day.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #3
English Prefixes and Suffixes

Like Latin and Greek roots, knowing English prefixes and suffixes can help a person figure out what an unknown word means.
Some prefix examples:
one un,mon,mono unicycle, monarchy, mono rail
two bi,di binary, bimonthly, dilemma, dichotomy
Then there are mis,dis,de,ante,pro,post,re, and so on.
Suffixes include -est,-ing-ism,-ism,-ate, and so on.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #4
Learn From Your Mistakes

The following links go through correct and incorrect word usage's, common errors and mistakes:

Improving Vocabulary Idea #5
Meet Someone New

If you get to know someone knew pretty well, you're going to pick up on terms they make a habit of using. Many of these, be it words or sayings, will be new to you. Just getting out and meeting new people will improve your vocabulary and communication skills.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #6
Write A Report

Pick a subject and write a report or essay about it. Do your research. You'll come across unfamiliar words. Find out what they mean, and try to work them into your report.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #7
Get Into The Game

This could be filed along with "MORE Improving Vocabulary Idea #10" -- Get into a televised hobby like hockey, football, golf or rugby. It takes about a dozen games and you'll be making the calls. Whether you know what "slashing" is in Hockey, or the "Blitz" is in football, it is more about having fun in the end. In the meantime, it is always good to learn something new and a whole set of new words will come with the package. You can get the same results from buying a video game system and a few sporty games.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #8
Mnemonic devices (Memory tricks)

These are all methods of purposefully learning new words.
Mnemonic devices such as a rhyming phrase to remember a word and its definition. For more information about these tricks, see

Improving Vocabulary Idea #9
Vocabulary Booster Mp3

The Vocabulary Booster MP3 boosts verbal IQ, school grades, SAT scores, & career success. Guaranteed results.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #10
Reading Comprehension

Improve your reading comprehension skills. When you understand the "gist" of a paragraph, you may be able to figure out the meaning of any unfamiliar words. Reading comprehension and vocabulary building go hand in hand.

Improving Vocabulary Idea #11
Flash Cards

Index cards, as a portable study aid. Put the word, and possibly the pronunciation on the front, and the definition and perhaps an example of its correct usage on the back. An oldie, but a goodie!

Improving Vocabulary Idea #12
Listen to Lectures, Speeches

Pick a speaker with passion about his topic. Pick a subject you are interested in. Listen! Lectures have a bad reputation, but in the hands of someone with a lot of passion about his subject, and with a topic that sparks your interest, they can be great learning tools. By watching someone who speaks well, you're likely to start noticing a number of great words that they have learned over the years. They've likely had a lot more time than you to acquire an expansive vocabulary. They will use it. Not to mention, whatever the subject is, in the hands of a passionate speaker you will probably have a memorable experience.

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