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Christmas Art Projects For Kids

From Show Kids The Fun

Remember how much you had creating Christmas art projects? Nothing brings out the kid in you better than sharing some together time with your own children and there's no better time to do it than during the holiday season! Start the season with some cute and fun to make Christmas crafts that your kids will love.

Candy cane Reindeer

What you'll need:

Candy Canes
Brown Pipe Cleaners
Small googly eyes
Small Red Pom Poms
Thin festive ribbon
Small jingle Bell


Take your brown pipe cleaner and twist it into a V shape under the curve of the candy cane, or 'neck' of your reindeer under construction. Bend the pipe cleaner again to shape into antlers. Take your googly eyes and glue them onto the candy cane. Glue a red pom pom on the candy cane for a 'reindeer' nose. Tie the thin ribbon around your reindeer's neck and string the jingle bell on for the final touch! You might want to glue the ribbon to the candy cane to secure. Make a bunch of these cute candy cane reindeer, and hang them on your holiday tree!

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Pasta Holiday Wreath

What you'll need:

Small Paper Plates
Variety of different pasta shapes
Holiday color tempra paint
Festive ribbon for bow


Cut the center out of your paper plate. Choose some really interesting pasta noodles, and glue them all around the outer ring of the plate. Try real hard to cover the entire plate! After the glue has dried, take your tempra paint and color the pasta. Have an adult tie the ribbon into a bow and then glue it to your wreath. Display them all around your home during the holiday!

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