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The following articles are for christian homeschoolers and moms. The topics covered range from home school ideas and lesson plans, to public school tips and home schooling information.

School and Homeschooling Archives

School and Home Schooling A to Z
Back to School, Conference Time, Crafts/Activities, Creativity, Home Schooling, Public and Private Schools, Homework, Learning, Learning Aids, Literacy Skills, Money, Music, Problems, Reading, Science & Math, Spelling, Teacher Appreciation, Vocabulary

Back to School
Are You in a School Daze?
Back To School On A Budget: Systems (Not Supplies) That Make The Grade
Please Don't Go: Alleviating Separation Anxiety
Ten Dos and Don'ts for School Daze
Back to School Time Management
Conference Time
6 Questions To Ask Your Child's Teacher At Conference Time

A Recipe for Contentment: Kids, Creativity and Clay
Backyard Snow Activities for Children
Christmas Art Projects For Kids
Educational Christmas Activities for Children
Essential Art Supplies for Creative Kids: A Checklist
Frugal Winter Fun with Kids
Make a Patriotic Fourth Of July Wreath
Make Christmas Gift Wrap With Kids
Make Gift Wrapping Paper With Kids
Make Personalized Placemats With Kids
Summertime Crafts for Kids
How to Raise Creative Kids
Old-fashioned Toys to Inspire Children
Teaching Your Child To Lift A Car
Home Schooling, Public and Private Schools
3 Approaches To Homeschooling Your Children
Are Public Schools A Menace To Your Kids? -- 11 Danger Signals
Busy, Working Parents --- 22 Ways To Homeschool Your Kids
Class of 2004 Challenges Misconceptions About Home Schooling
Educating Your Children: The Home Schooling Option
Finding Social Opportunities for Your Homeschooled Child
Grace-centered Home Schooling
Homeschooling --- A Superior Education For Your Child
Homeschooling - Can I Do It?
Homeschooling - Is It Worth It?
How Public Schools Assault Parents' Values
Lesson Planning for the Unorganized Mom
On the Money Trail Public vs. Private Schooling: Do You Get Your Money's Worth?
Research Shows Good Things
Resources for Homeschooling Help
Spotting a Fellow Stranger
Unschooling - What is it?
Why I Love Homeschooling (With Five Children, Age Seven and Under)
You Canít Seriously be Thinking of Homeschooling!
Five Easy Steps to End Homework Battles
Homework Organizer
How to Make Your Kids Do Homework - without having a nervous breakdown yourself
10 Steps to School Year Success
20 Ideas To Help Students Get Organized
10 Steps to School Year Success
Help Your Child Do Better in School
How Children Learn
How To Help Your Child Learn
The Ultimate Summer Brain Workout: Ten Tips to Keep Kids Minds in Top Form
Learning Aids
Field Trips for High School Homeschoolers
Science and Discovery Toys Provide Wonderful Educational Experiences for Children
Software For Your Kids
What to Look For in Preschool Curriculum
Literacy Skills
Developing Fluency in Young Children
Is Your Child Ready For an Allowance?
Teaching Kids About Money - Allowance 101
Teaching Kids the Value of Money
Top 20+ Reasons to Pay your Kid an Allowance
"Make a Joyful Noise" Giving Your Children A Musical Education
My Son's Teacher was a Bully
Out Of Control Children: Are we raising a generation of un-teachable children?
Warning Signals: How to Know When It's Time to Change Your Child's Teacher
Encourage Reading by Creating a Cozy Reading Space
Frequently Asked Questions About Reading To Your Child
How to Encourage Your Struggling Reader
Improve Kids' Reading -- Even Without Books
Novel Ideas
Let's Read! The Benefits of Reading to Your Children
Raising a Reader: The Doís and Doníts
Tips to Make Reading Fun
Science & Math
A New Challenge for Teachers: Encouraging Girls in Science, Math and IT Related Studies and Career
Spelling Games
Teacher Appreciation
10 Reasons to Appreciate Teachers
Five Ways to Tell If Your Child Has an Extraordinary Teacher
Teacher Appreciation
12 Ideas for Improving Vocabulary
12 MORE Ideas to Improve Your Vocabulary
Yet 12 MORE Ideas to Improve Your Vocabulary


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