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Tips for Helping Kids Memorize Scripture

By Rachel @ Christian Mommies

Tips for Helping Kids Memorize Scripture A couple weeks ago we posted a handful of age-broad scripture memorization tips. Below are some scripture memorization ideas tailored to younger children, that as much as possible employ visual, auditory and tactile means to maximize their learning experience.

Jingles – a search on YouTube came up with this a play list from user shanlin16 with quite a few verses set to familiar kid's tunes. There were more videos like that on various channels. If you're a musical parent, jamming and dancing with your children could be a blast, especially if you have the skill set to put bible verses to rhythms especially familiar to them.

Kid's praise songs – there are many praise oriented professional recordings tailored to children that directly quote scripture or at least scriptural concepts.

Simple hand motions – I don't think I'll ever forget the hand motions to the "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" chorus. A "hand motions bible verses" search on YouTube again brings up some (not necessarily set to song) like the following with two children doing hand motions for Deuteronomy 6v5:

Learn a short verse in your sponsored child's language and your own – Biblegateway has the bible in over 70 languages. If you have a sponsored child or you're interested in teaching your child a second language to begin with, learning both versions could be engaging. There are also entire web pages dedicated to verses in a specific language, especially "Spanish bible verses for children".

Pick a verse or part of a verse from each bible story – When you read bible stories, pick a verse to emphasis for memorization each time you read a story. Example: for Noah and the Flood, Genesis 9:13 “I will put my rainbow in the clouds to be a sign of my promise to the earth."

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For readers:

Kid's bibles by reading level – There are plenty of reviews online to help you sort out which children's bible is the best.

Colouring Pages – using Google's image search I got plentiful results like these coloring pages from You can broaden the search to any printable colouring pages, then open it in photo editing software and use a free 3D font to add a coloring verse.

Art it / keep a verse wall – On Pinterest there are many "art wall" ideas, for showcasing children's artwork. The simplest version of course is the token bulletin board. Verse colouring pages, similar projects from Sunday School, could be favoured for display.

Puzzles – Google “make your own puzzles" and find plenty of programs to do so, like this instant crossword puzzle maker.

Your doorposts - Deuteronomy 11:20, "And thou shalt write them upon the door posts of thine house, and upon thy gates..." Whether you're crafty or have to buy premade "artwork", it's good to have important bible verses hanging on your doorposts or walls, for your whole family to consistantly be reminded of.

Kid's apps – There are kid's bible apps that incorporate some of the other ideas on this list.

Here are a few more ideas from Awana.

© Rachel


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