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Practical Ways for You to Get Involved

Reprinted with permission from VOM

Giving, from your heart and soul, is an important value to give to your children. The most obvious way to give this to them, is to be a giver yourself -- and have them involved with you! The following may be of interest to you, to help out the persecuted ---

The following article is from the January 2002 Special Edition Newsletter of The Voice of the Martyrs (Canada). Used by permission. For more information, see In America? Go to

In more than 40 nations around the world, hundreds of thousands of Christians are being persecuted for their faith. For over 30 years, The Voice of the Martyrs has been active in raising a voice on their behalf and standing side by side with them in their affliction.

While we may not always be able to stop persecution, we are able to let our brothers and sisters know that they are not forgotten. You can have an active part in this vital ministry in any one or more of these 10 significant ways:

1. Become a Financial Partner
While we tend to downplay our financial needs, your gifts are vitally important to the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs. The sacrificial partnership of an increasing number of Canadian Christians has enabled us to significantly increase our practical service to the Persecuted Church over the last number of years. To assist you in assuring that your gifts are used effectively, The Voice of the Martyrs has set up six special funds to which Canadian churches and individuals can especially designate their gifts in helping to fund specific kinds of ministry to persecuted Christians around the world that are in line with our purposes as a mission.

a. Underground Church Fund
The Underground Church Fund helps provide assistance and encouragement to believers in severely restricted areas, such as much of the Muslim world and North Korea. Areas of activity are: Establish job training centres for Muslim converts, Bible smuggling and printing, scripture balloons, radio ministries and special ministries geared towards Muslim converts.

b. Families of Martyrs Fund
Fund supplies the means by which VOM can provide encouragement and assistance to families left destitute by the imprisonment, death or exile of a father and/of mother because of their faith.

c. Relief & Development Fund
Projects financed through The Relief & Development Fund assist Persecuted Christians in restricted countries like Egypt and Sudan, providing relief aid to desperately poor families, job training, refugee assistance and other practical means of meaningful encouragement to a besieged church before, during and after persecution.

d. Equipping the Saints Fund
The Equipping the Saints Fund helps meet the educational needs facing today's Persecuted Church and believers in countries facing potential persecution. In response to requests from persecuted believers around the world, we seek to send qualified teachers to help equip the Persecuted Church through intensive training seminars held "in country", helping to equip leaders and teachers to teach and train their own people. By also supplying Bibles, books, and other Christian literature, we effectively partner with Christian leaders in "equipping the saints".

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e. Raising a Voice Fund
Gifts to the Raising a Voice Fund are especially designated to assisting The Voice of the Martyrs with the expensive, but crucial, task of communicating the needs of today's Persecuted Church to Canada and the free world through the use of modern electronic media such as the Internet, video and television.

f. Operation Christmas Blessing
Operation Christmas Blessing is a fund designated to helping needy Christian children and their family in restricted countries in an annual special project every Christmas.

2. Invite a VOM Speaker
Raise a voice for the Persecuted Church by inviting a representative from The Voice of the Martyrs to come to speak at your church, missions conference, school, Bible College, or other event, to share the faith and courage of today's Persecuted Church. Contact Glenn Penner at our office for more information.

3. Join a Persecution Prayer Group
When we ask persecuted Christians what they would need from their fellow believers in Canada, the answer is always the same - "Pray for us." Join a prayer group in your area that is regularly praying for the Persecuted Church or start one of your own. Contact Nellie Brobbel at our office for more information. The Voice of the Martyrs has numerous resources on how to pray for our suffering church around the world.

4. Make a New Friend
Invite your friends or relatives to receive The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, Canada's only monthly magazine entirely devoted to the issues surrounding the persecution of Christians around the world. Send up their name and we will send them a complimentary subscription to our monthly newsletter and a free copy of Richard Wurmbrand's Tortured for Christ.

5. Get Connected Online
A key component to VOM's ministry of raising a voice for the persecuted has been the development of our Internet presence through our interactive web site ( and our free weekly email news and prayer service The Persecution and Prayer Alert that is being sent to thousands of subscribers around the world. Recognized as one of the world's leading web sites on Christian persecution, provides up-to-date news and resources that you will not find anywhere else.

6. Write a Letter on Behalf of the Persecuted
Contact Karen at our office to receive a free copy of the updated Prisoner's List that provides numerous addresses of Christian prisoners, government leaders, and embassies to which you can write.

7. Collect Air miles
Established in January 2001, over 120 Canadians are now collecting Air miles for VOM, allowing us to save thousands of dollars in air travel and car rentals. This money can then be channeled directly ro purchasing Bibles, Christian literature, or other ministry expenses. And it doesn't cost you anything! To find out how you can get involved in this exciting program, contact Martha Kenney at our office for more information.

8. Short Term Mission
Get involved "first hand" by joining a team that will serve in a restricted area nation of one that has recently emerged from persecution. Primary qualifications include a heart willing to be used by God. Contact Martha Kenney at our office for more information.

9. Collect Stamps for Christian Literature
Dozens of Canadian Christians are collecting stamps and sending them to The Voice of the Martyrs. We, in turn, sell them to collectors and use the proceeds to purchase Christian literature for Christians in restricted nations.

However, many of the stamps we receive are discarded because they are either common or damaged. Before you send any, please contact Nellie Brobbel at our office for more information on the kinds of stamps we are looking for.

10. Invest in the Kingdom with Link Canada
By taking advantage of the many attractive financial services offered by Link Charity Canada, you can help the work of The Voice of the Martyrs, as well as fulfilling your obligations of being a good steward of the financial resources that God has entrusted to you.

Link Charity Canada is empowered to issue charitable gift annuities, facilitate gifts of appreciated securities, hold insurance policies, manage endowments, and distribute benefits of RRSP and RRIF contracts on behalf of The Voice of the Martyrs. Contact Martha Kenney at our office for more details.

For even more practical ways to get involved in the ministry of serving the Persecuted Church, check out our web site at If you are in America, surf to


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