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The following articles are for christian parents. The topics covered range from charitable giving and volunteering ideas, to bible stories and bible crafts for kids.

Spiritual Kids Archives

Spiritual Kids A to Z
Bible Activities, Children are an heritage of the LORD, Giving/Volunteering, Holidays, Prayer, Trying Times, Virtue, Worship

Bible Activities
Bible Games: Great games to teach children more about the Bible in a playful way
Choosing a Children's Bible
Tips for Helping Kids Memorize Scripture
Children are an heritage of the LORD
A Motivating Factor
Bless the Children
Daily Faith
For Parents Who Desire Success
Hey, Mom, Look at Me!
It Must Be Sunday
Setting Boundaries for Your Children
Teachable Moments
Training Children to Face Adversity
Wal-Mart as a Mission Field
What's Wrong with Sneaking Snacks?
14 Year Old Author Encourages Volunteer Work
A Child Can Make a Difference
The Blessings Of Sponsoring A Child
The Giving Jar
I Just Love It!
Practical Ways for You to Get Involved
Shoeboxes for Christmas
Why Volunteer
7 Ideas for Giving Back at Christmas Time
12 Ways to Teach Your Children about the Holiday Spirit
Creating a Spiritual Christmas
Five Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Children Invest in Holiday Memories
Helping Children Learn About Thankfulness and Sharing at Holiday Time
How to Share the Christmas Story with Children in 4 Easy Steps
How to Teach Your Child about Gratitude
Thank You
How to Help Children Get More From Prayer
It's The Best of Jobs
Parents Guide to Prayer
When Children Pray
Trying Times
Me and Eeyore
A Mirror, A Mom, and an Opportunity to Teach a Young Man
Encouraging Virtues
Top Ten Ways to Teach Values to Your Kids
Family Worship
Spiritual Growth in Small Children


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