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What's Your Morning Routine?

By Andrea Simanson

Everyone has a morning routine! Whether it's planned or not, every family has one. Have you talked about yours? If not, I encourage you to discuss it as a family and write it down.

Things to consider:

1. What time do you need to leave in order to get everyone to work, school, and daycare on time. If you all need to be there by 8:30, allow enough time for travel, delays (in people and traffic), drop offs, and getting settled once there.

2. What needs to happen prior to leaving? Eat breakfast, get showered and dressed, family devotions, make lunches? How long do each of those things take?

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3. Do any of your children have morning commitments (basketball or volleyball practice, etc.) This could change the routine.

4. How quickly does everyone wake up and get moving? One child may jump out of bed and move quickly through the preparation time. Another may not be a morning person and need more time to transition from the sleep state. What about the parents? We're all different and need to work together as a team if we want it to be a pleasant experience.

5. Who will do what responsibilities? Does everyone prepare their own breakfast or does mom or dad do that? Who gets the little one dressed? Who clears the table after breakfast?

If you regularly talk with your family about how the morning routine is working, you can identify how to better work as a team to peacefully start each day! Sometimes a simple change is all that's needed to improve the quality of your life!

© Andrea Simanson
Andrea Simanson is a wife and mother of three children.


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