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The Presence of You

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Children require years of investment: time, patience, love, and, yes, money. More than the latest video game or the hottest trendy clothing, your children need you in their lives. While we all agree that being present with our kids is a good thing, we have also been guilty of not always being completely conscience of what they are saying, doing, thinking, or feeling. I call it the parental zoned-out look we all get. It is the look which says our brains cannot possibly absorb another iota of information. We may be stressed out at work, have personal issues with friends or family, or be plain exhausted from the daily grind.

Here are a few tips to avoid entering outer space when your kids are around:

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You don't have to be a supermom or superdad. Leave that job up to the superheroes. Chances are the presence of you will guarantee that an "S" forms on your chest in your child's eyes anyway.

© Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Christine Louise Hohlbaum, parenting humorist and author of the world-renowned book "Diary of a Mother", inspires mothers everywhere through her powerful stories. She is a frequent guest on NPR and has appeared as an expert in Boston Globe magazine, Parenting, Pregnancy, Parents, and more. Christine is available to speak at your event whether in Europe or North America.


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