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The following articles are for parents of children of any age. The topics covered range from child behavior / development, to how to deal with a bully, emotional intelligence, and role models.

Behaviour and Relationships Archives

Behaviour & Relationships A to Z
Anger, Back Talk, Arguing, Bullies, Communication, Death and Loss, Development, Discipline, EQ, Family Time, Long Distance Family, Lying, Manners, Media, Morals, Parties, Playing With Other Children, Rebellion/Growing Up Too Fast, Responsibilities, Role Models, Self Esteem, Separation Anxiety, Shyness, Sibling Rivalry, Stress, Success/Positive Thinking, Time Management/Routines, War/Violence, Whining

Angry Emotions - Your Child's and Yours
Get Close First
Hitting, Kicking, Biting and Hair Pulling
"I Hate You!"
What Triggers Your Anger?
Back Talk/Arguing
Arguing and Back-Talk
Fight Nice: 13 Relationship tips for parents of young children
It's Not Fair
My Child, The Lawyer
My Kid, the Lawyer Wannabe
The Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids From Fighting

Advice for Parents & Teachers
Are You Frustrated that You Have not been able to Stop the Bullies?
Backpacks and Bullies - Is Your Child Prepared?
Bullies Zapped in the First Quarter
Bully Advice for Kids
Bully Victims Need a Healthy Relationship with an Adult! So Do the Bullies!
Casual Remarks
Child Violence - How to Prevent Your Child from Becoming a Statistic
Cyber Bullying
Empowering Kids to Deal with Bullies and Low Self-esteem
Is Your Child Being Abused via Cell Phone?
Listen With Your Heart
S.T.O.P. Bullying
Three R's of Conflict Resolution
Tips For Parents On How To Deal With Bullying
What Can We Do To Reduce Bullying?
What Do You Call It?
What To Do If Your Child Is Accused Of Being A Bully
10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
Becoming Listening Parents
Beyond the Words, a Child's Voice
Bringing the Lessons Home
Children: The Real Humour Experts
How to Criticize Your Child
How To Foster An Environment For Successful Communications With Your Child
How Well Do You Know Your Child?
Learning to Say NO
The Many Faces of Love: Staying Tuned to Your Child’s Needs as They Grow
Parents Say the Darndest Things
Stop, Look, Listen! Steps to Better Parenting Communication
The Top 10 Tips for Communicating with Children
Why Won't My Child Do As I Say?
Death and Loss
Thoughts to Keep in Mind While Helping a Child Cope with Loss - Part 1
The Five Keys to Infant and Child Development
How Do I Raise Balanced Children?
Is Your Child Introverted? A Quiz
Announcing Expectations
Are You Worried About Your Child's Behaviour?
Bike-Riding and Present-Wrapping
Chore and Reward Systems That Work
The Four Parts to Discipline
Guilt Tripping
How Two Quarelling Kids Helped Invent the Wheel of Dreaded Consequences
Kids Who Don't Come When Called
Make the Connection: Start Disciplining with Love
Momma's Rules
Resign from MAKING a Happy Child
The Seven Worst Things to Say to Your Child
Time Out or Time In?
When Family Rules Differ: and Encouraging Your Children to Follow Yours
What’s Wrong with My Kids?
When Consequences Don't Work
When Mom and Dad Disagree
Wrestling With Your Kids
"You Make Me Sick" and other things Parents Say in Anger
How to Increase Your Child's Emotional Intelligence
Resiliency in Children
Family Time
10 Low-Cost Activities To Do With The Kids
25 Things That Matter When Relating To Our Children
100,000 Hours
"Daddy, Play With Me!"
Downtime for the Family
Celebrating Life with Children in September
Eating Out with Kids
Family Camping Tips
Family Spirit: Strategies To Promote Togetherness - Practical, Useful tips on how to build family solidarity
Family Thanksgiving Traditions
Family Time
Family Time Ideas
Get Down (On The Floor!) And Play With Your Children
Give Presence Not Presents
How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child
Late Night Adventures with Your Children
Limits and Family Meetings
Mom vs. Dad: 5 Simple Steps Guaranteed To Allow You To Spend More Time With Your Children This Summer
Mommies and Me Special Time
Open the Door to Healthy, Happy Children
The Presence of You
Quality V. Quantity
The Smiling Parent - How to Add Humour to Raising Your Family
Ten Reasons to Tell your Kids Stories
There are Stories to be Told: Start a Family Tradition
Time Well-Spent
Tips for Low-Stress Camping with Kids
Top Ten Reasons to Hold Family Meetings
Valentine's Day Activities For Little Ones
What do Kids Really Want for Christmas?
"What Would You Like to Do?"
When You Can't Be There: 20 Ways to Stay Connected to Children
While You Have the Time, Take the Time
Long Distance Family
Love Far From Home
Dealing with Lying: The Do's and Don'ts
Understand Children’s Lying
"I Already Have One of These!" - Teaching children how to respond politely
Like A Good Neighbor
Mannerly Behavior 101
R. E. S. P. E. C. T.: Four Tips For Teaching Your Child Respect
The Respectful Child
Simple Mom-Tested Secrets to Raising Well-Mannered Kids
Teaching Good Manners
Teaching Kids How to Say "I'm Sorry."
Teaching Your Kids Manners
Timely Thank-You's
What ARE "Good Manners"?
Expose the Damage: TV and Kids
Fighting the TV Culture
Giving Up Cable Television
Limiting Screen Time For Kids - Why?
Media Mess
The Simpsons and More on Family TV
Keeping Growing Kids Safe from Toxic Influences
Moral Development of Children: Knowing Right from Wrong
Nurtured by Love or Matured by Nature?
Standing in the Gap
STAR Testing for Character
Children's Birthday Party Planning: When and When Not to Have a Big Party
Playing With Other Children
Childhood Friendships
Your Children Need to Play
Rebellion/Growing Up Too Fast
After Having Done All - When Your Child is Living in Rebellion
Are Your Children Growing Up Too Fast?
10 Ways to Make Yourself Dispensable
The Language of Learned Helplessness Quiz
Messy Room Kids - Part 1
Messy Room - Part 2
New Stages of Life = Updated Chore Lists
Parents, Chores, and Kids
Teaching Your Child to Clean!
Ten Ways to Have More Responsible Kids
Role Models
Make Role Modeling a Hobby
Your Job as a Role Model
"Self Esteem"
Does Praise Help our Kids?
Give Your Child the Gift of Self-Esteem
How to Raise a Self-Confident Child
Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety
10 Things You Can Do To Help A Shy Child
Sibling Rivalry
Soothing Sibling Rivalry
Ten Ways to Prevent Kids Fighting
Holiday De-Stressing Tips for Kids
Success/Positive Thinking
10 Ways to Raise a Successful Leader
Finding Happiness in Your Child
Happiness is an Attitude of Choice
5 Steps to Raising an Optimistic Child
Positive Thinking for Kids
Tricked into Excellence "Tricking" Kids into Self-Discovery
"What's the point of trying?" How to Turn Pessimistic Kids Into Optimistic Thinkers
Time Management, Routines
Fight the Pressure to Over-schedule
The Importance of Routines
Overscheduled Children
Ten Suggestions for the Overscheduled Child
Time Management for Kids
Unwind Time
What's Your Morning Routine?
Talking To Children About Violence
Ways to Cope with the War
When Things Go Wrong: Trauma and Our Youngest Children
"Gimme" Proof Your Kids: How To Keep Your Child's Materialism In Check
Winning the Whining Wars


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